Join Senior Architect Product Specialist, Sarah Barrett, to take a look at the algorithms-aided design tool Marionette.

Natively available within Vectorworks software, Marionette delivers an algorithmic means to orchestrate and dictate design forms and customisations without needing to be a programmer. These customisations can help to speed up workflows and increase project efficiency.

In this webinar, Sarah will be answering questions on more advanced Marionette topics.

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  • Discover how to set up Marionette to attach IFC data and map it

  • Explore extruding based on classes

  • Learn how to use the chart nodes

  • Investigate the use of symbols in Marionette

Please note, this webinar is being hosted by Vectorworks UK and will begin at 2.30pm BST. This series of online seminars is available to those with a Service Select membership only. Please use the same email address for registration as was used on your Vectorworks Service Select contract so that our team can identify your contract number and approve your entry to this webinar.